Tifosi Events | What we do
Tifosi Events offer bespoke Corporate Cycling Events across Europe. Tifosi Events facilitates epic adventures and unforgettable group expeditions to invigorate your teams and entertain your clients.
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What we do

How we differ

Tifosi recognises the importance of the journey – from the conception of an event and the path taken for its realisation to the physical completion. We are flexible in our approach and understand that each event is unique in its challenges. We have an experienced support team delivering high standards in all environments.

  • Route and venue reconnaissance

    We will ensure that the best route is chosen which is both safe and appropriate. Each hotel and rest stop can be visited to ensure that the services offered meet the required standards of the client.

  • Event Organisation and Management

    The Tifosi team will manage all aspects of the event, including rider and team briefings, staff management and daily logistics.

  • Safety

    All risks will be assessed and continually monitored throughout the event. An event safety plan is used to ensure the safety of participants, staff and third parties.

  • Staffing

    Your team would include professional drivers, massage therapists, ride leaders, mechanics, motorcycle pilots and event management.

  • Logistical support

    We take care of the movement of all equipment and baggage from point to point. Including the movement of all participants and staff equipment.

  • Ride Leading

    On any ride we would use 2 ride leaders per group. These ride leaders pilot the way and set a pace that is attainable by all members of each group. The leaders communicate via 2-way radio with the support vehicles. The leaders can coach the groups, keeping them safe, promoting team work and enjoyment, meaning that all individuals can achieve their best.

  • Mechanical support

    We will keep all the bikes rolling, ensuring bicycles are kept safe and mechanically sound. Mechanics look after the bikes ensuring they are in perfect condition for the following day.

  • Massage/sports therapy

    This is great for morale and wellbeing each participant would be assigned their own therapist, accessible in the lead up, during and post event.

  • Motorcycle outriders

    The motorcyclists add a huge amount of safety on the road and make the riders feel like professionals, we can also supply media motorcycles for photographers.

  • Vehicles

    Picked and chosen to deliver the highest level of support, driven by advanced drivers who are comfortable working in and around others. The vehicle sets the platform for the unique event support platform and can also be wrapped to provide stand out on road advertising.

  • Event equipment

    We provide all event equipment needed to run the event, from 2-way radios to customised event clothing.